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A VPN and Smart DNS each offer their own benefits, a VPN is great for privacy, security and unblocking content while a SmartDNS is made for streaming and allows you to unblock content from multiple countries at once.

We have added these two together andcreated a hybrid service that can unblock 99% of all content while protecting and securing your systems at the same time.

  • This is a 7 Day Free Trial
  • Geo Places you in another Country
  • SmartDNS coded into the VPN
  • Both PPTP and L2TP VPN
  • Hybrid enables 99% of all streaming
  • Unlimited devices & Bypass censorship
  • L2TP/IPsec compatible & IPsec/XAuth
  • Windows, OSX (mac OS). Android and IOS
  • Chromebook and All Linux OS Versions
  • Security Warning Test
FREE TRIAL - FastApn Access

Developed, proven and tested by Flytlink and Transcom, our FastAPN service speeds up high RTT connections by utilising six different off site enhancements and processes, including DTN, SmartAV DNS, Pepsal's, Hybla, Hybla-i, Westwood, Reno, OILA and proprietory Algortithms.

The SmartAV DNS also positions you in any of the 6 nodes locations, which is ideal for any geo sensitive needs you may have such as corporate VPN's or local streaming.

It is particularily suited to services that have high round trip times such as aviation, satellite, DVB and BGAN connections, where throughput, by applying our service, can increase speeds by upto 8x in, as well as blocking any unwanted data and background chatter, which can save substantial costs with your provider or pay by use service.

There is no user software or hardware needed, but users can opt for the Proxifier portable USB version thats allows for selecting our global nodes with 8 operating modes, as well as statistics, graphs and connection information.

The APN also has MPTCP enabled which holds the speed record for the fastest TCP connection ever at 51.8Gb/s.

  • 6 Global FastApn nodes with Hyper Caching
  • SmartAV DNS for blocking bad traffic
  • Seriously cuts bandwidth costs
  • Proxifier Profiles included
  • Proxifier Application available (extra)
  • PAC Links provided for iphone
  • Eight operating modes
  • Totally VPN Transparent
  • Sigma HSE Anti Snoop Email Account incuded
  • Accellerates ALL traffic types and Ports
  • High Security, Blocks Malware & Adware
  • Completely Destroys High RTT times
  • Upto 8 x throughput with no hw or sw needed
  • Terrestrial, Mobile, Aviation and Satcom bundled
  • Full information at
FREE TRIAL - Cloud Services 16577 Available

The Transcom Cloud completely integrates with any device you have, and includes a free app or client to synchronise your datat without intervening, and save storage and bandwidth using the Virtual File System.

You can find, edit and share documents on mobile devices, whether in the office, at home or on the go as well as seamlessly collaborate in real time, there is also a wealth of addons including galleries and audio streaming, you can even link with any FTP server or Dropbox to interact and shares resources. Access

  • This is a 7 day free trial
  • 1 GB Storage to start, Included in all hosting Packs
  • CarDav and CalDav Compliant
  • External Storage Connect, such as FTP, Dropbox
  • Google, Media Control, Home Groups
  • Full and Link Sharing, Task Managing
  • Mobile & Desktop Syncing, Federation Control
  • Android App and IOS App, Play Music
  • Public Folders, Activity Feed
FREE VOIP Calls & Sip Accounts

Personal and Business users and business’s can utilise VOIP immediately, and it 100% free when calling between accounts, and a fraction of the cost of regular PSTN calls if you choose to call normal numbers.

Works on all devices including Iphones, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Ip Phones PC’s and MAC’s with no loss in call quality, but with the addition of a stack of features, and most devices have the required SIP Account built in.

We also supply DID numbers for any location in the world, with variations on regular, freephone, vanity and non geographical numbers to use with your account, or setup multiple numbers on multiple accounts.

  • Works with any SIP client or PBX and never expires
  • Free voip to voip calls globally with Call Recording
  • Full online searchable CDR records with Caller ID
  • Create Extensions per account for free calls
  • Voicemail, Virtual Fax, Calling Queues and Call hunting
  • Call forwarding and DISA, Music on hold
  • Audio conferencing, Caller ID filtering
  • SMS/MMS message centre, Digital receptionist (IVR)
  • Ring groups, Callback & Sequences, Time conditions
  • Full Information website
  • Direct Registration and Login Portals
FREE TRIAL - Video Conferencing Client

is a Transcom turnkey package for online meetings and collaborative work, where you can Join existing meetings or create your own. Iphone and Android Apps are also available or just run in any browser without software.

This service gives you access to a Transcom shared core server for running multiple conferences without time limits at the same time.

  • Fully AES-256 encyption
  • No time limitations
  • Join or run multiple conferences
  • Share desktop and documents
  • Simple URL for access
  • Hands Up chat request
  • Integrated chat with private messaging
  • Iphone and Android apps
  • Broadcast live on youtube
  • Invite, Share and Embed meetings
  • Moderated Lobby mode
  • Meeting password protection
  • Share Youtube Video, Background Blur
  • Mute Everyone, Unlimited participants
  • Speaker Stats and Connection quality
  • Operation Shortcuts
  • High Quality, Low Latency