Free Services

Totally free services

FREE Business Hosting 14063 Available

Out Business Grade Hosting has no advertising, except that we require a non free email address to signup. Easily upgradeable at any time. Fully automatic and instantaneous activation (maybe subjet to fraud checks)

  • No Contract, Pre Payment or Advertising
  • One click Wordpress install
  • Free Applications
  • 500 MB disk space
  • 500 MB bandwidth
  • Sub Domain included
  • Use your own, or new domain
  • MySQL Database
  • Email account with AntiSpam
  • Free tech support
  • Full Commercial Plesk Business Panel
FREE TRIAL - Sigma Email Account

Our SIGMA Email service is well know throught the industry, as being complete NSA / Snoop Proof, advert free and AES secure Email service, with its own comprehensive webmail client Sigma.Email as well as imap and smtp abilities.

Suitable for normal email clients such as Outlook and for any device, including Android and Iphones.

  • This is a 30 day evaluation
  • Webmail Client + Iphone and Android
  • Any client, inc Outlook, 365, Thunderbird
  • No prying eyes, spam, snooping or advertising
  • GEO Satellite compliant window sizing
  • Unlimited space with 10 Domains to choose from
  • 70 Languages, Fetchmail, Caldav, and Cardav
  • Large Attachments, AES 256 Direct
  • Option to use your own Domain with a dedicated control panel to manage email accounts
  • More Information @
Antispam Personal FREE

KILLSPAM FOR PERSONAL USE (Per 1 Email addresses)
We use multiple clusters running different techniques to assess the content of all emails as well as procudures to detect bad attempts and gaining access before they even reach the email servers, remembering that one failure doesnt always mean rejection.

You ccan use the service on ANY domain you may have, the only non intrusive change is that you change the MX records to point to our killspam servers, we can do this for you without charge.

The gateway is included in all our hosting packs and does not have to be purchased seperately. Please note that the gateway cannot be used on free email accounts such as gmail etc.

Completel;y Server based (no client needed);

  • Bitdefender Antivirus
  • Microsoft SPF Verification
  • DKIM Verification Keys
  • SURBL’s, Multiple RBL’s
  • Sender Verification, Reverse DNS failures
  • DMARC Reporting
  • Inbound and Outbound Rate Limiting
  • DNSWL trusted sources
  • Two Bayesian pattern matchers
  • Statistical Filters, Text Recognition
  • Image format / size detection
  • PDF analysis, DCC Control
  • Razor Control, Pyzor Control
  • Analyse TNEF Attachments
  • Anti Virus and Malware
  • HTML Controls – Disarm, Block, Allow
  • Message Format Controls
  • Attachment Names and Types
  • Neural Network sender matching
  • Automatic Whitelists
  • Authentication challenges
  • Image and Document Scamning
  • Compressed file scanning
  • Content and Header checks
  • Anti phishing and Spear Phishing
  • Greylisting, DNS Blacklists
  • Country Blacklists
  • URL DNS checking, RHSBL checks
  • Tag, Delete or Send spam
  • Outbound Filtering
  • LDAP and Exchange Support
  • DKIM Signing, DMARC
FREE VOIP Calls & Sip Accounts

Personal and Business users and business’s can utilise VOIP immediately, and it 100% free when calling between accounts, and a fraction of the cost of regular PSTN calls if you choose to call normal numbers.

Works on all devices including Iphones, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Ip Phones PC’s and MAC’s with no loss in call quality, but with the addition of a stack of features, and most devices have the required SIP Account built in.

We also supply DID numbers for any location in the world, with variations on regular, freephone, vanity and non geographical numbers to use with your account, or setup multiple numbers on multiple accounts.

  • Works with any SIP client or PBX and never expires
  • Free voip to voip calls globally with Call Recording
  • Full online searchable CDR records with Caller ID
  • Create Extensions per account for free calls
  • Voicemail, Virtual Fax, Calling Queues and Call hunting
  • Call forwarding and DISA, Music on hold
  • Audio conferencing, Caller ID filtering
  • SMS/MMS message centre, Digital receptionist (IVR)
  • Ring groups, Callback & Sequences, Time conditions
  • Full Information website
  • Direct Registration and Login Portals
Nominet Dropcatch Trial Key

We can provide you with a fully functional trial key to evaluate the software for 7 days, there is no charge for this,
the service will be on one of our servers.

To obtain a key, complete the 0.00 order and supply your IPS tag, the server IP will be provided for you to update your Nominet site via their web manager.

To use the software you will need -

  • A Nomiet Regisrar Account
  • The DAC Service provided by Nominet
  • Understanding of a standard SSH Shell
  • The static server IP for your EPP and DAC services