Domain management

Transferring domains
Probably the most tricky part in setting up or moving a site is the DomainName configuration on the nameservers.

Assigning Nameservers
Your existing domain will be with a registrar somewhere, and it is with them that you need to change the nameservers to ours, which are and

Transferring a Domain to us
You can choose to transfer your domain to us. With a .uk domain, this is a very easy and instant task, simply get your current registrar to change the IPS tag to TRANSCOMISP. Once we have control, we can change the nameservers for you. To change a .co etc, is not so easy, its upto the registrar to push the name to us, if you have an Enom account this is pretty simple, just push it to ours which is TRANSCOM. Any other registrar has their own methods, with a vast majority of them holding onto the domains for weeks or even months, so word is… dont delete your site if with one of these until the transfer has been made.

A nameserver is a server which controls the DNS for a domain. It allows you to decide which hosting company controls your webspace and email. All domain registrars should provide you with the ability to change at least two nameserver entries on your domain name, and hosting companies should offer you at least two nameservers to point to. Transcom has 10 nameservers, with five of them in strategic locations so that you will always have redundant connectivity. One of the advantages of registering your domain name with Transcom is that you are free to change the nameservers to other hosts whenever you like. However, if you choose not to point to our nameservers, you won’t be able to use our web and email systems to configure your domain name, nor will you be able to use our hosting solutions. Use and , these are our primary nameservers.

‘DNS propagation’ is a term to describe the updating of information across the Internet. It takes two forms: changes to your DNS Zone and changes to your WHOIS information. A change to your DNS Zone information typically affects only a handful of servers, and completes much more quickly. However, the WHOIS is the master record which tells every DNS server in the world the server for your domain. A change to your WHOIS information (such as updating the ADMIN-C in your control panel) can take up to 72 hours to propagate fully. After either of these two events your domain name/website may not be visible for up to 72 hours, mainly because millions of DNS servers need to be updated with the new information. 

Sub Domains
With web hosting you have the ability, within the control panel, to assign unlimited sub domains, in effect, different sites or parts of a site within your user space. As an example, if you own a domain call , you can easly make a site called or

Alias Domains
Its always a good idea to have multiple names pointing to the same site, and within the panel, this can be carried out easily, there is no lomit to the number. We can register multiple domains on your behalf and make the changes for you. Bothe web and email will be automatically repointed to a single destination.

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