Email Access

Our email system allows for concurrent connections to multiple accounts on multiple devices at the same time, in addition, if you have other email accounts such as gmail, you can automatically copy email to them.  Email can also be seen via any web browser as well as any client, such as Outlook or Thunderbird.  The setup routine for all is basically the same, although to stop any certificate errors where you dont have one, it would be best to use our domain for server access.

Web browser Login : Full Email Address ie fred@<your.domain> , password : <as issued>

Email Clients like Outlook, Iphone, Android, Thunderbird
Username : Full Email Address
Password : As Issued
Server Type : IMAP  (POP3 is available if you need it)
Incoming Mail :
Outgoing Mail : (ports 25 – raw, 465 – SSL, and 587 – TLS are available)
Authentication : ON
POP before SMTP : YES
Same user/pass : YES

If you do have an SSL certificate, can be substitued with <your.domain>

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