Domain Management Tools

Masked Forwarding, Allocation and Domain Registrant Services

External Web Forwarding

It is very common to have multiple domains on our systems pointing to the same site, and this service is completely free and can be managed via your business control panel.

However, domains on our systems that are pointed to a website externally will need managed web forwarding.

Two methods are available, you can mask the forwarding domain so that the destination domain remains in the browser, or turn the masking off which allows the forwarding domain to be seen at the destination.

External Email Forwarding

In some cases, you may wish just to forwards all email to your domain name on our systems to an external destination without any other services.

Please note that forwarding is an included option in all our hosting packages

External DNS Allocation

This service is for domains that are registered though us on our systems, but have DNS servers outside of our networks.

Outbound Domain Transfer

Should you wish to transfer a domain out of our systems, the procedure varies depending on registrar used

For all .uk TLD's you will need to provide the new IPS tag.

For most other domains, we will provide you with an EPP key. In all cases, we will also need written positive proof of ownership.

Domains are not released prior to the release payment(s) being clearing)

Domain Registrant Change

Fee for the process in changing the Registrant information on any domain type, which can take upto 45 days to complete.

This fee also applies to those domains that have been held in redemption by the registrar, these are domains which have failed to have been re registered within a specific time frame, normally 30 days.