Business Email Services

Professional, AES-256 Anti Snoop, Anti Spam and Anti Virus

Sigma Email - Snoop Free and Encrypted Email remains the only AES secure, spam free, snoop and tracking proof email service available.

  • Choice of Webmail clients
  • Suitable and Iphone and Android
  • Works with any client, inc Outlook, 365, Thunderbird
  • Protects your email from prying eyes and advertising
  • GEO Satellite compliant window sizing
  • Unlimited space and emails
  • 10 Domains to choose from
  • 100% Snoop Proof, Completely Spam Free
  • Over 70 languages, CarDav Compliant
  • Fetchmail to collect from any account
  • CalDav compliant, ICloud, Google Sync
  • Sticky Notes, Unlimited Server Space
  • Large Attachments, AES 256 Direct
  • Option to use your own Domain with a dedicated control panel to manage email accounts
Domain Catch All Email

SMTP / MPOP Email Feed

Specifically designed for the automatic forwarding
of unlimited email accounts on a single domain to
a remote destination in real time, can be by smtp
forwarding or pop3 imap collection

This feed includes all the destinations that may
have been configured on the remote server,
which is used to disseminate and redistribute
the email.

Transcom Antispam Email Account

POP3S / IMAPS Antispam Account

  • Fully managed and unlimited email accounts
  • Very latest spam elimination and integrity controls
  • Unlimited mailbox size
  • Choice of webmail clients
  • Ideal for Iphone, Android Phones
  • Suits Thunderbird 365, Winmail and Oulook clients
  • Choice of a protected Domain included
  • Option to use your own Domain with Plesk Business Panel to manage email accounts