FREE - L6.UK Domains Available  
Nows the chance you have to grab those domain names you always really wanted with the release of the new L6.UK domains from Transcom in association with Level 6. 
The registration includes four options :

  • Register just the Domain Name with the Whois
  • Use our or your own DNS with Forwarding (£1 a year)
  • Choose the Email option (£2 a year) for Unlimited Email
  • Go for the Web and Email option at just £4 a year

In addition, all 1,2 and 3 Character Domains are available to register at a FIXED cost, no more outrageous purchasing needed to secure these highly lucrative SLD Domain Names.

As an added incentive, .L6.UK domains cannot be transferred away, neither can they be owned outright, all prices are annual rentail without contract.

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